Circuit Breaker Panels

As many know a circuit breaker panel is the main source of power for your home or office. These panels typically provide between 100 to 200 amps of power depending on the quality and grade of the panel. When there is an issue with your circuit breaker it can cause you to go without power for unknown periods of time leaving you in the dark.

While a circuit overload is the most common reason a circuit breaker is tripped there are other reasons that may cause you to have issues with your circuit breaker panel. Whether it be replacing a breaker on your circuit board, or replacing that panel all together you can count on our certified electricians at Walls Electrical to help you get the job done.

Signs you need to replace your circuit breaker panel:

• Your circuit breaker keeps tripping.
As your circuit panel begins to wear down it is more susceptible to power surges and as a result, your breakers will trip more often.

• Breakers won’t reset.
When your breaker trips in the best case scenario flipping the breaker back should fix the problem, however, when your breakers do not reset it is time to call an electrician to have your panel inspected.

• When using other appliances your lights dim or flicker.
This is a sign that there is not enough power to go around. Updating your electrical systems is the best way to improve the electrical safety in your home.

• You still use an old fuse box.
If your home is older and has not been updated from an old fuse box to a modern electrical panel you should look into replacing this as soon as possible or hiring an electrician to come and inspect your current fuse box.


Our licensed professionals can help you with all of your circuit breaker panel upgrades and issues, call us today to speak with one of our professionals, 250-740-0970.

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