Older isn’t Better

Antique enthusiasts appreciate the excitement and satisfaction of collecting old artifacts and furniture. Homebuyers who appreciate the uniqueness and fine details in older homes can relate. However, when it comes to wiring and the volatility of electricity, older definitely isn’t better.

The age of a home and wiring within can cause serious issues or even a catastrophic fire. Naturally, we want our families as well as ourselves to be protected from potential fire hazards or electrical shock.

Why should you replace old wiring?

  • Old wiring may not be up to current safety code requirements. Therefore, you could be denied insurance coverage in the event of an electrical fire.
  • Outdated wiring is not sized for today’s large appliances. In this case, fuses may create an ‘over-fused’ circuit which can become a dangerous hazard.
  • Worn wire insulation may have become cracked or damaged over time. This results in the metal part of the wire becoming exposed and should be fixed by a professional.
  • Consider that older houses did not demand the amount of wiring and electrical loads we have today. Overloaded electrical wiring can heat up and increase the risk of fire. If you observe ceiling lights dim when you turn on something else in the home, it could be a sign that old circuits are overloaded and in need of replacement.
  • If you’re thinking of selling your home, old wiring may not pass inspection until you have the rewiring completed. Therefore, you will not be able to sell until upgrades are finished.
  • Older homes may require the extensive use of power cords that should only be used short term. They pose a significant safety risk when attempting to navigate an over-abundance of cords on a daily basis.
  • Warm spots or worse, scorch marks, are warning signs that outlets and switches are being damaged by unsafe wiring. All of them should be cool to the touch.
  • Aging homes may have at one time or another been infested with mice or rats. Critters may have chewed electrical wiring; consequently, they must be thoroughly inspected by a professional to ensure safety.

Certainly, updating the electrical wiring in an older home is not something that should be delayed. It is our belief that even homes older than 10-20 years can pose a risk. Modern wiring systems offer safety features that old wiring simply does not. New wiring ensures the safe and smooth operation of electricity in your home.

If you require assistance with getting your home up to current certifications in the mid-island region, we can help. Additionally, we provide commercial electrical upgrades and wiring up to 750 volts and we’re insured for your protection.

The qualified electricians at Walls Electrical can bring you up to speed in the new decade. Electrical updates are not something you should attempt to conquer on your own. Don’t delay—contact us today to ensure your wiring is up to date in 2020.


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