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Do you despise unflattering or meagre lighting? Do you love to be in the know regarding what’s new and trendy in design for the year ahead? Do friends and family continuously marvel at your interior design skills? Then surely you can appreciate innovations in lighting.

Or perhaps you just need a little inspiration for replacing tired old light fixtures in your home. Either way, read on for what’s in store in lighting.


There are overwhelmingly endless styles to select from in the world of lighting. Looking ahead, more sophisticated industrial and retro styles are in the spotlight, so to speak. You can easily make an art piece out of the sleek and occasionally sculptural new forms. These types of designs work really well in the kitchen area and even as a focal piece along a wall. Styles are sleeker and come in many interesting details, including rustic finishes and neutral metal colours. Clear pendant lighting in varying heights also remains popular in the kitchen

Whimsical designs for the bed and bath areas provide a romantic ambience with cloud-like chandeliers and bubble glass fashions everywhere. 

With respect to lightbulbs, state-of-the-art vintage Edison-style lights in various sizes are everywhere, in the rounded cone shape we can’t seem to get enough of. Bonus since they also come in LEDs. 


Forget about ornate metalwork and excessive ornamentation. Clean and simple lighting is preferred in modern style homes. Clean and simple lighting also blends in beautifully with our more current clean and simple building designs. The minimalist style is still going strong with geometrics or simpler forms at the forefront. Indeed, a well-placed light fixture can make a major statement.

Landscape lighting is also an upcoming alternative to the usual drop chandelier. Softly rounded globe pendants in the more modern, softer colours remain a fixture of preference in bathrooms.


For the major knockout factor, large fixtures are the way to go. Nothing seizes the attention like a beautifully chosen sculptural light. Designers are selecting large pendant fixtures for over kitchen islands and entryways.


As technology improves, LED lighting may be more affordable with newer innovations. Since incandescent bulbs are energy wasters, the push continues to change over to LED for its money and power saving capabilities. LEDs also last a great deal longer than the old technology and come in a huge assortment of fresh and exciting designs. Even if you can only afford to replace one fixture at a time, LED is clearly the way to go in the foreseeable future.

On a side note, hidden LED lighting is also preferred for energy-efficiency. Showing up increasingly more often under cabinets or surrounding the base of the bathroom vanity, hidden LEDs gently illuminate for a fraction of the price. 


Homeowners are now being drawn to softer lighting colours. Greige (grey and beige), grey, and soft gold are increasingly prevalent since they blend in well with varied home designs. Available in endless style options, homeowners can choose from overhead fixtures with gold accents or matte silver. Alternately, a soft gold reading lamp can be a focal point beside a cozy reading chair.

Although brass attempted a comeback, soft gold is gaining popularity. Marble accents are also elegantly modern with black-green and grey showing up on table and floor lighting.

Lighting design and technology is perpetually evolving. Since lighting is a key element in home design, it should not be overlooked. Undoubtedly, you can influence the ambiance of your home with the type and positioning of fixtures. Luckily, with so many styles available, you can insert your own personal flair.

Lighting should reflect both the function and mood of every room in the home. Certainly, what is appropriate in the kitchen does not necessarily work in the bedroom. Kick your interior décor up a notch with these exciting design trends for 2019. And then contact us and we’ll install them!

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