Hire an Electrician to Design Exterior and Landscape Lighting.

Why would you want to upgrade or change your exterior and landscape lighting?

Modern lighting will highlight certain features, add beauty, or just add some functionality to your Nanaimo yard or garden. If you can imagine it, there is probably a lighting solution. There are plenty of ways to shine a light on your landscape design. An electrician will know many solutions and will advise on matters such as load capacity, cost of usage, etc.

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Here are three great reasons to use a qualified electrician for your exterior lighting project.

Placement security and safety

The right exterior lighting placement can enhance your home’s security and safety. Sidewalks or walkways are often decorated with nearby flowers or shrubs, so lighting there is ideal. Not only will it highlight the landscape, but it’ll also make navigating the pathway easier. Task lighting, such as on a fountain or near the front entrance, helps eliminate shadows and blind spots. Trespassers are less likely to wander onto a property that is well lit. It also helps create a more feature focus on certain areas. Motion detector lights are also useful if you only need lighting at specific times, such as going from the car to the house. It’s also useful to save money and deter unwanted visitors.

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Use light techniques

Professional electricians will know all about different lighting techniques, beyond just spotlights. For example, down-lighting creates a circle of light on the ground that can be used to shine on focal points. Up-lighting is the opposite and uses ground lighting to shine up onto an object. That is especially useful to highlight canopies or highlight the shape and structure of a larger tree. By working with an electrician, they’ll be able to use their expertise to help you choose the right lighting technique. To plan ahead, take a walk through your yard during the day and decide what areas you want to be highlighted. Then, discuss the layout with your electrician and leave the light techniques to them.

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Proper installation

Taking care to install your outdoor lighting properly is important not only so it works but also so you don’t exceed the load capacity for your property. We will always carry out a load capacity check before undertaking any electrical upgrades. Outdoor lighting will likely need wiring as well, which should be buried to avoid any tripping hazards. Likewise, optimizing where to bury wires and how deep area easy matters for an electrician. Not only that, but an electrician can help make sure your electrical bill doesn’t skyrocket. Consider both low-voltage lights, which run on 12 volts, and LED bulbs, which don’t use excess energy or create too much heat. Both are energy-saving options and still produce just as much light and appeal for your yard. With these, you’ll still get the beauty of outdoor lights but without the cost. If your circuit needs more power or an upgrade first, your electrician will know and handle the work.

Do you now have a desire to improve your exterior lighting? Reach out and connect with Kyle and the team for ideas on how to improve your outdoor lighting.

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