It’s Time for a Change

Planning and organizing renovations can be both exhilarating and incredibly stressful. Depending on your goals and particular project, time for changes in electrical wiring may be required. From updates to new light fixtures, inspecting your home electrical requirements should not be overlooked. In the case of new electricity, change is good!

Since most of a building’s electrical system is concealed, it can be easy to ignore when strategizing a remodel. However, wiring upgrades should absolutely be considered along with other renovations on your list. No doubt about it, a renovation is the perfect time to accomplish electrical upgrades.

During renos, you can ensure current and future electrical needs are covered. Moreover, an electrician can definitely get the job done professionally and correctly.


  1. New appliances and technology demand a different level of consistent power than prior decades. Indeed, most older homes will require electrical upgrades at some point—over the course of home renovations is a prime time to do it. Open walls will make access easier to complete all types of wiring upgrades, in addition to installing new appliances.
  2. Modern gadgets require safe and efficient power upgrades. Outdated panels have limited space for new circuits. Panels may also be in poor shape or simply contain obsolete technology. An electric service upgrade increases the capacity of existing electrical service.
  3. Remember how plugs used to fall out of outlets in old houses? If you’re plugging in an appliance and the plug keeps falling out on the floor, it needs to be upgraded. Also, when the clip that holds the plug wears out, it causes the plug to slip out. Unfortunately, this can cause dangerous fire hazards, such as sparks and arcs. An electrician should change these outlets as soon as possible.
  4. A new safety device called the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is designed to instantly turn electricity off in the event that a plugged-in device comes into contact with water or another type of moisture. This standard safety device is in place in modern kitchens and bathrooms but missing from older homes. This may also be an essential building safety code in your area. An electrician can perform an easy switch while you renovate, keeping you and your family safe.
  5. Have you ever stayed in a heritage home and noticed how few outlets there are in each room? Picture the Griswold’s overloaded electrical outlet in Christmas Vacation. Our modern-day electrical requirements have grown exponentially over the last century. A home renovation is the perfect time to install additional outlets in walls throughout the house. Modern kitchens are full of gadgets and appliances; home offices often have a printer; outdoor living spaces have lighting and electrical requirements. Extension cords and power strips are bulky tripping hazards. A good electrician can make your life much more user-friendly.

To emphasize, there are specific electrical updates required when renovating your home or commercial business. Rooms that are not used often but have been retrofitted for a new purpose (such as a new workshop or office), can cause brown outs if left undone. Although it may seem like an unnecessary extra, it’s a good opportunity to upgrade outdated electrical wiring over the course of a home renovation. We can assist you in lighting up your life safely and efficiently.



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