Why You Need an Electrician

Many homeowners relish a challenge when it comes to DIY projects. We recognize the satisfaction of a job well done, all on our own steam. Yet, when it comes to working with electricity, our lives are at stake. Even changing a light bulb can be dangerous depending on the location. When it comes to the power in and around our homes, there are numerous reasons why you need an electrician at hand.

  1. Aging home: If your home is more than 20 years old and the electrical system has never been upgraded, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable. Hiring an electrician to inspect your wiring can prevent future hazards and guard the safety of your family. An electrician can bring old homes up to today’s standards and make an entire system more effective and efficient.
  2. Wet areas: Ground fault circuit protection was implemented in Canada over 40 years ago. This has resulted in a significant decline in deaths by electrocution. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are required for modern outlets in wet locations, such as kitchens and bathrooms. An electrical expert can retrofit your home and make it code-compliant, safely.
  3. Left in the dark: Constant blown fuses are inconvenient and frustrating. Furthermore, circuit-breakers that trip repeatedly may indicate a dangerous fault on one or more circuits. Therefore, you should contact a good electrician to resolve the issue.
  4. Wire tentacles: Multiple cords and power strips snaking around floors and outlets are dangerous for many reasons. Not only do they pose tripping hazards, but they mean the electrical system is likely working beyond capacity. Older houses typically do not have enough outlets, so rewiring is in order. 
  5. Feeling hot: A warning sign that circuits are overloaded (or worse) occurs when outlets and switches feel warm to the touch. In addition, if occupants receive a mild shock when switching on a light, it could point to problems. Blackening near a switch plate or wire ends also indicates something is amiss. The soundest preventative action to take is to contact an electrician.
  6. Rust: The main electrical panel in the home should never have rust or moisture on or under it. Noticeable deterioration compromises the main wiring connections. 
  7. Permits: No matter if you do the work yourself, you will require an electrical permit and an inspection. To avoid the time and annoyance of being disapproved, hire an electrician. He or she will take care of the entire job from beginning to end, saving you time and labour.
  8. Electricity is a mystery: Licensed electricians have gone through extensive training and work experience to learn all there is to know about electricity. Therefore, there is no question about the wisdom in hiring one. In the case of electricity, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Unless your home is fairly new, chances are the electrical system requires repairs or upgrades. New electrical codes and accelerating technology make our homes safer and more efficient.

Avoid a house fire or worse due to amateur mistakes working with electricity. When it’s time to bring in a professional, Walls Electrical is only a phone call or email away.

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