Tips to Keeping your Electricity Bill Low this Winter

Times are certainly challenging this year. Not only have we been faced with a worldwide pandemic, but many professionals have been forced to cut back hours or worse, have been laid off. With so many unsettling matters looming ahead, like how to pay our bills, it’s worthwhile to have tips to keep your electricity bill low this winter.

Even now, there are news announcements concerning increased electrical use. It’s no wonder since more professionals are working from home now than ever before. Walls’ Electricians know all about electricity. We would love to share 20 tips to help you save money on your electrical bill in the chillier months ahead.

  1. Before the snow flies, hire a professional inspector to check your home’s energy efficiency. They inspect for drafts from holes, cracks in the foundation and siding, heat loss from unsuitable insulation, window seals, and much more. Undeniably, considerable electricity savings is a result of an energy-efficient home.
  2. This one’s a no-brainer. Turn off lights every time you leave a room. Choose natural lighting by a window and make a cozy reading area with a warm blanket nearby.
  3. Unplugging is another huge electricity saver. Unplug computers and appliances when not in use. When every family member develops this habit, huge savings follow. Indeed, most people are shocked to learn that standby power accounts for up to one-tenth of annual household electrical use.
  4. Get in the habit of closing doors to empty rooms. If possible, also turn off the heat in unoccupied areas of the home.
  5. Fall is the time to bring out warm sweaters and wooly socks. To demonstrate, when a home heated with electricity has the thermostat lowered by just two to five degrees, homeowners save 5-10% annually. Layer up!
  6. Fixtures with multiple lightbulbs consume more electricity. Instead, turn the ceiling lights off and use single-bulb lamps for work and crafts.
  7. Hot water can get expensive in big families. Encourage everyone to take briefer showers.
  8. Never leave water faucets running unnecessarily. Embrace the habit of turning it off!
  9. Run the cold water tap instead of the hot water tap more often.
  10. Old appliances, like deep freezers, are energy suckers. Donate to charity or have them safely recycled. You will notice immediate savings with an energy-efficient appliance.
  11. Fix leaky faucets right away. Hot water leaks waste electricity.
  12. People still doubt that washing in cold waterworks, but everyone should try it and see the savings for themselves.
  13. Laundry can seem like an endless chore. Handle larger loads of laundry and reap the savings.
  14. Further, a small towel added to dryer loads reduces drying time and, thereby, money spent on electricity.
  15. We love to cook hot, comfort food in the winter. When you choose to cook in the microwave, toaster oven, or crockpot instead of the oven, you’ll save big time.
  16. Place lids on pots when using the stove—it decreases cooking time.
  17. Leaving the heat on in the house when no one is home is a huge waste of money. Have a licensed electrician install programmable thermostats.
  18. Sometimes the fireplace only gets used over Christmas holidays. If that’s the case at your home, block the chimney with chimney caps or balloons to stop warm air in your home from escaping up the chimney and costing you money.
  19. A dirty furnace filter leads to increased energy bills. A clean furnace filter leads to better airflow and greater performance. You do the math.
  20. Involve your family in lowering your electricity bill by making a game out of it. If you still have last year’s electrical bills, compare month to month how much you’ve saved. Assist your children in developing new habits to reduce electrical consumption. When you receive a significantly lower electrical bill, celebrate with a favorite dinner or takeout.

Still, there is more to saving money on electrical bills. Lowering your electrical consumption also lowers the impact on our shared natural resources. Teaching your friends and family how to unplug empowers everyone. It also leaves a positive legacy for future generations. And we can all certainly use a little more of that.

Consider installing Smart Home Automation Wiring to maximize your home’s efficiency. For questions or to book an appointment give us a call at 250-740-0970!

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