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Home automation technology is the key to maximizing your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Smart home technology is a group of systems, devices, and appliances that connect to a common network. This enables homeowners to control and monitor the function of a home’s systems.
A connected home may be independently and remotely controlled with say, your smart phone or a mobile touchscreen device, such as an iPad. Functions that may be connected on one system include appliances, locks, lighting, speakers, thermostat, TVs, security cameras, and even automated blinds.
Most residential electrical contractors recommend rewiring several areas before installing automated systems. For instance, there will always be a need for hard wiring in the home, in spite of wireless options. Hard wiring allows wireless technologies to function optimally.
With a relatively small investment, new technology can create efficiencies throughout any home. Indeed, new technology can assist us in accomplishing a job inside the home with little time or effort on our part. And when it comes to video surveillance and the security of our home while we are away, the significance becomes clear.
What can we do to make our home a ‘smart home’?
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1. Hire a residential electrical company to hard-wire your home entertainment network. Televisions and home entertainment systems should be hard-wired into the home. Wireless systems are the next step to completing efficient home automation.
2. When considering a home theatre and surround sound system, a certified electrician can run a conduit for future HDMI upgrades. Additionally, homeowners should consider wiring more volume for other rooms, such as a family room, for secondary surround sound.
3. Invest in a smart TV and home audio system. Now everyone in the home can control the music or movie that is played in their own room, all on their smart phones. Most folks don’t realize until after they’ve moved in that they want speakers and music in additional rooms. In fact, you can wire speakers anywhere in the home to listen to music: in the laundry room, on the patio, and even in the shower. It’s wise to wire into the ceiling for hook-up to a speaker at a later date, just in case.
4. Residential electrical services provide the expertise to install your home security and surveillance systems as well. Be mindful that you while possible to have a wireless system for smaller homes, there may be range issues for bigger homes where hard wiring is necessary. A good tip is to double up the wiring for two cameras as opposed to one for added security in ‘blind spots’.
5. An electrical contractor can also install a convenient fireplace switch, shade/blind control, intercoms, and other unique electrical products pertaining to each unique home.
6. Finally, there are countless new products for your ever-evolving home technology systems. You can purchase video doorbells, smart lights, smoke and flood detectors, robots for vacuuming the floors, and much more—all available for you to control remotely with smart wireless technology.
As you can see, there are several technologies and efficiencies available for consumer home automation. Fortunately, an electrician company can make it happen.
Saavy homeowners are recognizing the benefits of having both hard wire and wireless systems for today’s automated home. Precise wiring allows the entire home system to run efficiently and smoothly. From automated lighting to high-speed networks, a ‘smart home’ is a convenient, comfortable, and happy home.

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