Power Outages—Are You Prepared?

A power outage is not that big of a deal in the summer compared to one during winter. Many BC homeowners have never experienced a power outage before and may be unprepared for such a chilling episode.

A modicum of work now can make a big difference to you and your family surviving a power outage more comfortably. Undeniably, everyone wants to avoid the disaster of frozen pipes bursting or an elderly family member becoming ill.


  1. Have igniters, matches, a quality flashlight, battery operated lanterns, and candles tucked in a kitchen drawer. Also place fresh batteries in the same drawer so dead batteries are not a problem.
  2. An old-fashioned battery-operated radio is also handy for tuning into weather conditions or vital emergency news.
  3. Learn how to shut off water valves around the home. However, a good tip is to turn taps on a slow drip to prevent pipes from freezing.
  4. Another preventative measure to keep pipes warm is to wrap them with heat wrap or other safe insulating material.
  5. Having a well-insulated home can be a true lifesaver during a power outage and help keep everyone inside more comfortable.
  6. A battery-run generator is the perfect power source to keep your home safely heated and the fridge running until the power comes back on.
  7. Additionally, a wood burning stove with a healthy stockpile of wood nearby is an excellent heat back-up.
  8. Ensure your home is well-ventilated to accommodate other types of heat sources.
  9. If your water comes from a well-water pump system, fill the bathtub and other large containers with water. This may be used for sanitary purposes, such as pouring a pail of water into the toilet bowl to flush.
  10. Keep the freezer well-packed with food and avoid opening the refrigerator during an outage to keep food from spoiling. Fill empty freezer spaces with ice to help keep food frozen during an outage.
  11. Stock a big enough supply of warm clothing and blankets for all family members.
  12. Purchase an emergency survival kit, available at most hardware stores.
  13. Stash an emergency supply of fresh drinking water for pets and family.
  14. Register with your local community emergency program or the power company for individuals in the home who require electric medical equipment (for example, a dialysis machine).
  15. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by ensuring the fireplace and chimney are maintained. Never use gas generators, barbeques, or camp stoves indoors.
  16. Protect valuable electronics by investing in a surge protector.
  17. Keep a phone charger available in your vehicle for charging phones.
  18. Have snacks, books, and board games available so family members can entertain themselves until the lights come back on.
  19. Hide an emergency stash of cash for power outages that make using credit and debit cards impossible.

Fortunately, Walls Electrical is ready any time you require emergency services 24/7/365. In the likely event of a winter power outage, you will be ready to keep your family safe, comfortable, and secure while waiting for help to arrive.
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