Is Your Electrical Panel In Need of an Electrical Service Upgrade

What You Should Know Before Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

In essence, the electrical load applies to anything that consumes electricity. In your home, it refers to the amount of energy needed to power all the light fixtures, kitchen appliances, TVs, washing machines, and other items that require electricity. This is important information if you plan to make any changes to your electrical system, including adding a circuit for a new light fixture or electrical device. There are plenty of benefits in upgrading your home electrical service

Nanaimo, Ladysmith and Parksville, require a licensed electrician to obtain a permit to do a 200 amp or 400 amp service upgrade. The electrical work may need to be inspected by your local building inspector to obtain a certificate of occupancy to authorize the utility company to turn the electrical service on.

Follow these steps to determine whether your home is suitable for an upgrade.

  1. Evaluate its current electrical needs
  2. Evaluate future renovations or upgrades that have an electrical element
  3. Install the panel, circuit breakers, and other systems
  4. Confirm if all individual circuits are correctly connected
  5. Test the system thoroughly before documenting everything

Upgrading your electrical service panel requires plenty of specialized work. You’ll need an electrician to obtain the correct work permits. The electrician may also have to coordinate with the utility provider to install the underground service and the meter base.

Is Your Electrical Panel In Need of an Electrical Service Upgrade

You have probably taken note of a new electrical appliance or system that you feel would suit your home perfectly. However, you’re unsure if your electrical system or service can support this or any other addition.

Examples of new appliances that might tax your home’s electrical demands include:

  • Electric range
  • Dishwasher
  • Clothes dryer
  • Central air conditioner
  • Electric oven
  • Electric water heater
  • Room air conditioner
  • Sump pump
  • Hot tub or spa
  • Level 2 EV charger


You would need to consider upgrading to a 200 amp or 400 amp service if you wish to install these appliances. Apart from that, you would also need to upgrade if you notice hissing from the current system. Upgrade if the circuit breakers keep tripping.

Are you also living in a house that’s more than 30 years old? In that case, you may need to upgrade to a 200-amp service as soon as possible. You should also upgrade if you notice frequent yet unexplained flickering of the light, this is something that happens frequently in older houses or newer homes that have not been given the correct panel.

The cost of upgrading to a 200-amp service depends on numerous factors. Far easier for us to come out and carry out a free load calculation and provide an upgrade quote.

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Benefits of Upgrading to 200-amp Service

Is an upgrade from your current service to the 200-amp system necessary? Does the upgrade present benefits or only lead you into a period of more despair? Below is a list of the many ways that you stand to benefit from the upgrade.

  1. Reduced power surges, which allows your electrical appliances to last much longer
  2. Allows the panel to operate more efficiently, which saves you tons of money
  3. It makes the home much safer, thus reducing home insurance premiums
  4. Reduces the number of overcrowded breakers, thus preventing the breakout of electrical fires
  5. Enhances the value of the home, which would attract better prices in case you decide to put the house up for sale
  6. Improved capacity for powering large electrical appliances simultaneously
  7. Larger thus capable of accommodating additional circuits without much difficulty
  8. Prepares room for future electrical additions and demands


Does a 200 Amp Service Upgrade Increase the Value of Your Home?

Do you plan to sell your home? If that’s the case, you might want to find different ways of enhancing its value. That way, you would be in a much better chance of attracting buyers who have no problem paying the high prices that you quote.

Houses built 30 or so years ago have old electrical systems and services. Most of them run on 60 amp or 100 amp services. You would struggle to attract the best prices for a house with such aging systems. A house with a modern 200 amp system fetches more and will be quicker to sell.

How does the property’s value improve? First, the home is now much safer. There’s little to no chance of fires breaking out and causing unimaginable damages to the property and the assets in it.

Essentially, you have made the property better, safer, and more efficient than it has ever been. You have also dragged it into the 21st Century by upgrading the electrical system. For your efforts, you can now confidently expect to sell the property for more profits.

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An upgrade from the current system to a 200 amp service is more than advisable. It could spell the difference between electrical fires and living in a safe house. The upgrade also boosts your home’s value, thus increasing your chances of earning more if you opt to sell the property.

Reach out and connect for a free load calculation and electrical service upgrade quote.

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