How to Teach your Children Electrical Safety

One of the key facts of life is that children are naturally curious. Kids will investigate anything within their surroundings, given the chance. That’s why it’s incredibly important to teach them electrical safety and protect them from hidden dangers.

Indeed, at some point in time, a youngster may be tempted to put a foreign object into an outlet. The importance of child-proofing your home by placing electrical devices and smaller appliances out of reach of toddlers cannot be understated.

Fortunately, there are several methods of teaching your children electrical safety.

  1. Teach your children electrical safety rules while touring inside the home:
  • Teach them why it’s never wise to place fingers or objects into an outlet.
  • Tell kids to keep metal objects out of the toaster at all times.
  • Explain why they should never use electricity near water. Most kids don’t understand that water conducts electricity, or why this poses a serious danger.
  • Demonstrate how to safely take a plug out of the socket (not by yanking it out). Explain how cords can become damaged if not used correctly.
  • Further, ensure youth realize they shouldn’t plug too many devices into one outlet or power strip. Explain how this could trip a breaker or even cause a fire in your home.
  1. Offer your children electrical safety tips while touring outside the home:
  • Point out power lines and explain how they carry electricity to people’s homes and businesses. Teach your child(ren) to avoid power lines, poles, and substations.
  • Explain to them the importance of never flying a kite or climbing trees near power lines.
  • Show your children how to keep a safe distance away from broken or fallen power lines. Remind them to never touch them.
  • Teach your children to obey electrical warning signs.
  1. Watch electrical safety videos multiple times with your child. Kids love to watch educational videos as they absorb everything like little sponges. There are plenty of fun, online safety resources to be found. You will even find interactive electrical safety games you can play with your child. Answer any questions they may have to help them better understand electricity.
  2. Remind children to respect electricity while visiting other people’s homes. Show them what a damaged electrical cord looks like and tell them to never use one as they are not safe.
  3. Read books together about electrical safety. Invest in a quality book for children about electricity. It could be the best investment of time and money you ever make.

Finally, let your children know that curiosity and imagination are wonderful traits to have. However, when it comes to electricity, appropriate precautions are necessary for their own protection and safety. Demonstrate how to use appliances correctly and always raise awareness about remaining safe from hidden dangers.

The licensed electrical professionals at Walls hope these tips and techniques help protect your children. Encourage them to respect electricity and use it in a safe and careful manner at all times.

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