10 Electrical Safety Requirements for Landlords

Renting out a property can be a lucrative business enterprise by means of added income. Alongside the rewards of renting to tenants in need of a good home comes the responsibilities of being a decent landlord.

Primarily, landlords are wise to educate themselves on the electrical inspection requirements for the region they rent in. Cities and provinces retain distinct rules. Whatever you do, don’t fall back on the bare minimum—go the extra mile and avoid costly property damage or lawsuits in the event of an emergency.

In addition to retaining manuals for appliances and devices located within the home, landlords should ensure they follow these 10 electrical safety requirements.

  1. First off, ensure there are sufficient electrical outlets in the suite. Landlords can either check with BC Electrical Codes or hire a skilled electrician.
  2. Install a working carbon monoxide detector if one isn’t already in place. Change out batteries so new tenants are starting with a good working detector.
  3. Install a working smoke detector. Test if already in place to ensure all detectors are in good working order. Alarms should be replaced prior to reaching the end of their service life, as specified by the warranty. When in doubt, have them replaced.
  4. Inspect wiring and electrical outlets for damage and execute repairs. Anything loose, cracked, or displaying black marks must be fixed and/or replaced prior to tenants moving in. Certify everything is clean and clear before turning the electricity back on.
  5. Ensure cover plates are properly placed on electrical outlets. Do not leave any electrical wiring exposed.
  6. Establish that all utilities are working properly in the rental suite. Switch breakers on and off to detect anything not working. Replace faulty light fixtures.
  7. Check light switches and listen for buzzing noises. Safe lighting is essential; a buzzing sound or flickering could indicate a serious wiring problem. A wiring problem can quickly turn into a dangerous fire hazard. Have light fixtures replaced by a licensed electrician for safety’s sake.
  8. An important part of the welfare of tenants is checking all appliances are in safe working condition. Faulty appliances must be replaced. Clean grimy appliances according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  9. Landlords should always perform a walk-through with the tenant prior to renting. Fill out a property condition report detailing the condition of the property, including electrical appliances, alarms, and detectors. This ensures you are meeting safety requirements and properly maintaining the property for your tenants.
  10. Render yourself available as an emergency contact for tenants in case of electrical emergencies. Additionally, keep the contact information of a professional electrician on hand.

Preserve the safety of your tenants and they’re more likely to remain reliable renters for a long time.

As a landlord, you must be aware of your electrical safety obligations. Walls Electrical Ltd. certified electricians are here to assist you in ensuring the protection of your tenants and valuable rental properties. To book an appointment with one of our knowledgeable staff call us today at 250-740-0970.

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