Moisture & Wiring

Moisture may be a wonderful quality for dry skin, but moisture issues on home wiring is not beneficial. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. If you start to notice rust or moisture on or underneath your home’s main service panel, it’s a good indication that something is seriously wrong.

Furthermore, signs of deterioration at the electrical panel threatens the main wiring connections within. Wear and tear may further indicate similar problems throughout the electrical system.


  • Water conducts electricity. When outlets in bathrooms or kitchens are installed too close to water sources, the chance of electrical shock is increased.
  • Frayed appliance or extension cords are susceptible to moisture problems.
  • Loose or improper connections with electrical outlets and switches are also serious safety hazards.
  • Wire insulation may become pinched or pierced from, for example, a heavy object sitting on an electrical cord, becoming vulnerable to water exposure.
  • Damaged electrical appliances pose a fire and shock hazard.
  • Heat, age or corrosion may crack wire insulation, further making wiring susceptible to dangerous moisture problems.
  • Rodents in the attic may have chewed through electrical wiring, leaving it exposed to moisture.
  • Electricians are aware electrical appliances must never be handled with wet hands. If an appliance is near a sink or shower, there is a chance of electrical shock. All appliances should be kept a safe distance away from water sources.
  • Many unfortunate individuals have attempted to put out electrical fires with water. Doing so only fuels a fire and can also cause electrocution. A fire extinguisher should always be kept on hand in case of such an emergency.
  • All family members should avoid placing drinks and liquids on top or near electrical appliances. A laptop or video game console that’s charging can be lethal if liquid is spilt.
  • In addition, light bulbs should only be changed after turning the light switch off. Never replace a bulb with wet hands.
  • Parents should make it a priority to teach children that water and electricity do not mix. A quick demonstration about leaving electrical items, like iPhones, away from bathrooms and pools could prove life saving.
  • Lastly, it’s a good idea to switch off appliances prior to cleaning areas like the laundry, bathroom, and kitchen. Doing so decreases the chance of electrical shock.

Electrical safety hazards are not something to procrastinate about. Homeowners must seek help as soon as possible—the welfare of everyone in the home depends on it.

Unfortunately, if wiring becomes exposed to moisture, it can corrode or worse, send a lethal electrical current into your body when you touch it. Walls Electrical understands the importance of care and caution when it comes to electricity. We’re here to help make the electricity in your home safe

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