Electrical Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Do you remember anyone offering electrical safety tips when you were a child? Perhaps the usual “Don’t stick your finger in a light socket.” As we’ve progressed over the decades, we’ve learned how important it is to educate ourselves, our families, and even our friends about electrical safety. In doing so, countless lives have been saved. That’s why sharing electrical safety tips with your whole family is critical.

Children are naturally curious and often tempted to explore any and every nook and cranny they come across. Yet young and full-grown adults often overlook basic electrical safety precautions. Nonetheless, it’s worth your time and attention to stay vigilant around electrical safely.


  1. With small children in the home, it’s essential to secure unused wall outlets. Although plastic inserts may be used, they can unfortunately be pulled off and popped into inquisitive little mouths. Try furniture arrangements that effectively block unused outlets or consider using safety outlets that prevent foreign objects from being inserted.
  2. Store large electrical devices on a high shelf, out of reach of little hands.
  3. When using extension cords, tuck them behind furniture if possible or put temporary electrical tape over them to avoid tripping hazards.
  4. Store all kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances, such as hair dryers and toasters, out of reach of small children. Stowed inside upper cupboards is ideal.
  5. When exploring outside, teach family members to obey and respect electrical warning signs. Ensure everyone keeps a safe distance away from substations and power lines.
  6. Further, stress the importance of not touching metal transformer boxes.
  7. Never, ever put objects or fingers in an electrical outlet.
  8. Keep metal objects out of toasters. Although a slice of toast may become stuck, always unplug the appliance before attempting to pry something out.
  9. Plugs should never be pulled out of a socket by the cord. Yanking on electrical cords (or an appliance plugged into an outlet) can cause serious damage and cause bare electrical wires to become treacherously exposed.
  10. No one should ever attempt to climb or play around or near power lines. This further applies to trees near power lines. When electrical wires touch a tree, they can be extremely dangerous.
  11. Furthermore, never fly a kite near power lines. It’s entirely possible for kite string to conduct electricity, direct it through a person, and into the ground.
  12. Let family members know they should never use anything with a cord or plug around water. These important safety measures save lives around pools. This also applies to tablets or mobile phones in the bathroom.
  13. Always let a family member know when you are working outside or inside with electricity. Have someone check periodically to ensure you’re okay and safe from potential electrical hazards.
  14. Ensure family members ask an adult for assistance with a new electrical appliance or device.
  15. Avoid overloading an electrical outlet. Plugging too many devices into an outlet can cause a fire.

Protect your family with these useful safety tips and avoid disastrous mistakes around electricity.

In the spirit of sharing useful, lifesaving information, you’re teaching your children an extremely worthwhile life lesson. Our team at Walls Electrical wants everyone to stay safe. Contact us today with your electrical requirements today and in the future.

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