Harness the Power of Giving with Walls Electrical

Harness the Power of Giving with Walls Electrical


At Walls Electrical, we believe in the power of electricity not just to light up homes, but to light up lives too. Today, we’re excited to announce a new initiative that amplifies our commitment to our customers, our community, and a brighter future for all. We’re partnering with Nanaimo Foodshare, a beloved local organization dedicated to ensuring Nanaimo Families have access to fresh and healthy food.

As electrical professionals, our job is to bring energy into your homes. Now, we’ve found a way to transform that energy into an even more powerful force – nourishing our local community and promoting healthy eating for all.

Nanaimo Food Share program

A Commitment to Our Community
Starting immediately, for every service upgrade we complete, Walls Electrical will donate $50 to Nanaimo Foodshare. This initiative isn’t just about wiring and circuits – it’s about the power to make a difference. We’re aiming to illuminate not only our customers’ homes but also the faces of those in need with the promise of wholesome, nutritious food.

Why did we choose this specific initiative? We’re not just an electrical company; we are part of a community. We believe that everyone deserves to have their basic needs met – including having access to fresh fruits and vegetables. For every installation, your $50 could provide three local families with fruits and vegetables for a week. That’s 12 families a month, 144 families a year. Think of the difference we can make together!

Be the Spark of Change
Just as a small spark can light up an entire room, your support can create substantial change in our community. And the best part is, you don’t need to do anything extra – simply recommend Walls Electrical to your friends and family for their electrical panel needs.

Whether they’re building a new home, renovating an old one, or simply due for an upgrade, your recommendation means more than just business to us – it represents a chain of goodwill, reaching out to the families in our community who need our help.

Nanaimo Food Share Program 2

Walls Electrical: More Than Just Electrical Work
At Walls Electrical, we’ve always been dedicated to providing superior electrical services. But, this initiative goes beyond the realms of our professional commitments. This partnership illuminates our commitment to fostering a better community, a community where everyone has access to basic essentials like fresh produce.

What better way to celebrate the essence of giving than by providing the most basic and essential life necessity – food? And not just any food, but fresh, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Every single panel installed or upgraded becomes a beacon of hope for families who struggle to put food on their tables. Your home isn’t just being powered with high-quality electricity but is becoming a source of nourishment for your neighbors.

Lighting Up Lives, One Panel at a Time
We understand that everyone wants their home to be a beacon of comfort and security. By choosing Walls Electrical, you’re not only ensuring a safer, more efficient electrical system for your own home but also giving back to our community in a very tangible, impactful way.

Your decision to support Walls Electrical will provide fresh, healthy food for families who need it most. Your trust in our services enables us to continue making a difference in Nanaimo, one electrical panel and one family at a time.

The Future Is Bright
In the grand scheme of things, this initiative may seem like a small spark, but with your support, it has the potential to light up our entire community. The ripple effect of this giving initiative can echo through the lives of hundreds, even thousands, of individuals in our beloved city of Nanaimo.

Imagine, if you will, the joy and relief that $50 can bring to a family.

Walls Electrical and Nanaimo Food Share Program

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